What is TwoWay?

Two Way is a simple chat-based app that aims to help you
save time and communicate better with users of other languages.

Never be stuck with a language barrier in your chats again!

Talk with users in other countries or cultures more quickly and easily,
using TwoWay.

How it Works

Download the app and sign up by entering your mobile number and basic info.
Then, go to Settings > Profile to select your communication language.

That’s it.

Now, no matter what language you type in, as long as you’re both using TwoWay,
your messages will be sent and received in the language you’ve selected!

An Example in Action

Edward is an English speaker.

Edward types in English,
and also reads English from his French friend,
Mark, in his TwoWay chat window:

Mark T. is a French speaker.

Mark types in French,
and also reads French from his English friend,
Edward, in his TwoWay chat window:

App Features

Easy Signup: Just enter your mobile number and you're ready to go.

Direct Chat: Talk to your contacts one-on-one or in a group.

Change Language at Any Time: Select your incoming language in Settings.

Share Media: Send and receive photos or videos to and from contacts.

Push Notifications: Never worry about missed connections -- turn on instant alerts.

Make it Fun: Select and send emojis to brighten up your chats.

Prevent Harassment: Having a problem with a user? Block or delete anyone.

Download TwoWay for Clearer Communication Now.